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The fastest way to grow tourism business with Go Digital Join ITX and enjoy the new experience of digital marketing in tourism business.

Joining ITX provides new experience and expand the connectivity of your tourism business. Online transaction becomes simpler efficient reliable

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Who We Are

ITX is a B2B tourism marketplace, which introduces Seller (tourism products and services provider)to Buyer (Online Travel Agent). ITX is a platform which facilitates tourism business members with the best solution to GO DIGITAL, with an attractive business scheme.

ITX develops your tourism business network, thus giving your product a global recognition, an easier booking process and a more efficient and reliable online transaction payment method.

The Experience

Digital technology offers chances for Indonesia tourism industry to effectively and efficiently managing its business. Moreover, almost 80% of tourists use internet to search product information, places, prices, and tourism related activities.

Currently, ITX provides digital technology for every Indonesia tourism business members, in order to support a more effective and efficient business and its operational system; therefore directly improves work productivity and business growth.

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Our Features

Digital Promotion Platform

ITX offers a platform to engage in digital promotion by organizing special events which will then be followed with viral and massive promotion in various websites to improve promotional programs.

Data Analytic

ITX provides data analytic which is easily accessible and analyzed, thus may serve as the platform to enhance booking while also minimizing the costs.

Built-In Booking System

Booking system provided for seller without product booking system thus easily connected to the buyers

Application Program Interface

API is a technology interface which connects ITX and booking system maintained by buyer

Payment System

ITX offers connection to payment system to support payment mechanism.

Reporting System

ITX offers comprehensive reporting system that allows monitoring business progress in easy, detailed, and efficient manners.


An administrative program which displays various activities in your tourism business.

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